Best Time For Post On Instagram

Best Time For Post On Instagram

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Best time for posting? So, you have a perfect picture or video and apply filters that you think are best. Still, these may not be enough for you to get the best engagement you desired. You need to post your content in the best time. It will make difference if you can share your content in the best possible time.

Best time for posting is a different matter! Many research showed that the best time to post on Instagram is lunch time from 11am-1pm and evenings from 7-9pm. Instagram’s global engagement map show that afternoon of Wednesday and Thursday have the best engagement among other days and time.

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Best Tıme To Post

But, these researches do not mean that when you post your content on these days and hours, you will have the best engagement you can have.

best time for post

Best Time For Posting on Instagram

Instead, you have to track the behavior of your followers. There are general rules for you to follow when sharing an image or video on Instagram.

  1. Prefer off-work hours: Generally, if you think that your followers work somewhere, prefer to share your content during off-work hours. This could be during lunch (11am-1pm) or after dinner (7-9pm). However, if you think your followers are not working, the timing could change to before lunch since these people may have to deal with their kids or housework.
  2. Prefer weekends: During weekdays, everyone is rushing to somewhere. So, their time to spend on social platforms may be limited. However, many people have free time on weekends. So, save your perfect shots for weekends.
  3. Careful on the time zone: If you live in Los Angeles but many of your followers are in London, you have to adjust your time to share your content according to this time zone. You can set your scheduling application according to this time zone to address best your followers.


How to find your perfect timing:

The above-mentioned points are general. But you have to consider your followers. That’s why Instagram provides you with detailed information about your content and engagement. When you convert to a business account, Instagram provides this information free of charge.

Here are steps to find out Insights:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Go to your personal page.
  3. Next, tap on three horizontal lines
  4. Next, tap on Insights.

Instagram provides you with information based on Activity, Content, and Audience.

Activity: In this section, Instagram provides information based on interactions and discovery. Interactions provide you with invaluable information on when users interacted with your content.

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Content: In this section, the social platform provides information about your shares like posts and stories.

Audience: This section is crucial since it provides the location of your followers, the age range, gender, and when your followers are active on the social platform.

When you dig into this information, you will find your best time to post on Instagram. Alternatively, you can make an experiment with your posts to find your best time intuitively.


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