how to create a twitter account

Create a Twitter Account In 2019

Create a Twitter Account In 2019
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Twitter is the largest modern social network with millions of users worldwide. In order to join such a huge audience, you need to create a Twitter account. Here’s how to do it.

how to create a twitter account

How to create a Twitter account?

Follow the link and fill in two required fields. After entering the necessary information, you will receive an email (or phone) code. This code you need to enter in the appropriate field to complete the registration process.

Why is Twitter asking for a verification code?

how to create a twitter account

Twitter requests a verification code for a very specific reason. This procedure is designed to make sure that the user who creates the account is a real person. You don’t have to worry, because the Twitter verification code is for one-time use only and doesn’t create any security problems for your account.

What can I do after sign up on Twitter?

how to create a twitter account

Once you fill out the basic information for your Twitter profile, you can consider that you have joined a multi-million community. The completer and more truthful you fill out your profile, the more likely to find what you like. Full profile completion speeds up the process of interaction within the community.

Specify the field of your interests and desired contacts on Twitter. Thanks to Twitter’s algorithm, it will help the user to easily access messages that match his / her desires and tastes.

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What to do on Twitter?

  • Follow the world news in real time.
  • Follow newsmakers and famous people.
  • Create a business Twitter account and use it for financial gain.
  • Expand your social environment by creating a popular Twitter profile.
  • Helping other people.
  • Implementation of ideas and projects and their promotion.

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