How to Delete Facebook Account (Updated – 2020)

How to Delete Facebook Account (Updated – 2020)

You may have plenty of reasons to delete a Facebook account. First of all, some people do not trust Facebook to secure their sensitive data anymore, and we cannot blame them after the highly controversial Cambridge Analytica scandals. Facebook lost its reputation related to security regarding topics, and it may never gain it back. Other than that, maybe your friends and family are just not using the platform anymore. So, you have no reason for keeping it open. To sum up, we got to say that a lot of people permanently delete Facebook accounts every day.

There is one thing to consider before taking this irreversible action, though. As we mentioned, it is irreversible. You cannot bring back a deleted Facebook account. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Finito. Additionally, all of your information and images on the platform will be removed from existence. Therefore, it is not like deactivating your account. This should be the last option.

If you just want to spend some time alone, you can apply a social media detox program for yourself. You can just deactivate your account and log in back anytime you want. You will not lose anything like that, and your Facebook account will be waiting for you, unharmed.

However, if you still want to delete Facebook account, you can follow our little guide below to do it. It is quite easy to remove your account altogether. Just do not forget to backup your information, images, and conversations. Let’s have a look at how can you do that.

How to Download Facebook Archive

Of course, you would want to download Facebook archive. Why wouldn’t you? It will be a blast to look at that silly high school photos of yours after some time. However, they are not fun to look at now. So, let’s dive in and download your active.

  1. Open Facebook and log in to your account.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ by clicking on it on the left-hand menu.
  3. From there, click on ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ tab.
  4. After you land on the tab, click on ‘Start my archive’.
Facebook data archive

Permanently Delete Facebook Account

If you are still certain about deleting your Facebook account, you can follow the steps below to easily do it. The deletion can take up to 14 business days, and if you try to log in to your account before completion of this process, it will be canceled.

  • You should visit ‘Delete My Facebook‘ page to proceed.
  • The link will take you to the deletion page. We suggest you read all the information.
  • Also, you can deactivate Facebook account and download your information from this link.
  • After that, click on ‘Delete Account‘ to wipe your account from the surface of the Earth.
delete Facebook account
Frequently Asked Questions

No. You cannot bring back deleted Facebook accounts. If you want to bring your account back later, do not delete it, but deactivate it.

It contains all the information, images, conversations you did hold on your account. If you download your archive, you can view this information any time you want.

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