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Facebook Language Issues 2019

Facebook Language Issues 2019
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One of the most common problems among Facebook users is that not all of them can use the social network in English. However, quite often foreign users when trying to open their profile receive a message that Turkish is not found and offer to continue the application in English. Since English is the original language of the Facebook app, most Turkish users who do not know English may face various problems.

How To Use Facbook Mobile In Turkish?

facebook mobile app

The Facebook mobile app most often displays a message that Turkish is not found. This failure is caused by updates to the Facebook mobile app, especially on Android phones. Once the application is updated, you may experience a problem returning to the original language. However, to correct this situation is quite simple.

  • Sign in to the Facebook mobile app. Click the 3 lines icon in the top right corner (Menu).
  • Select the Settings and Security section at the bottom of the menu list.
  • Next, go to language settings (Language). In the list that opens, select your language. Save your settings by clicking the Save button at the top of the page.

Facebook language setting in Desktop Edition

A step-by-step guide to the language settings in your Facebook desktop edition is as follows.

  • Sign in to your Facebook account. Click the down arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Click Settings in the menu that appears.
  • In the list on the left, click Language.
  • In the window that opens, in the line with the question “In what language would you like to use Facebook?” click Edit. In the list, select your language and click Save.

When can a language change on Facebook?

In various cases, Facebook may return to the original language of the application. The main reasons for language change are:

  • Using a VPN;
  • Technical changes (DNS, changing the location of the device connected to the Facebook app);
  • Automatic Facebook updates;
  • The location of the network connected by geolocation.
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I can’t change the language on Facebook

If your language changes haven’t been saved after all your attempts, sign out of your account and try signing in again after a while. Check the settings. If this method does not work, then try to restart your phone. In the most extreme cases, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the Facebook mobile app.

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