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Five Ways To Make Your Dog Famous On Instagram

Five Ways To Make Your Dog Famous On Instagram
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If you have a dog and plan to show how cute and adorable your dog is to the world, there are useful tips that you can use to realize your plan to make your dog famous on Instagram.

Keep in mind that these tips are not entirely different if you want to turn another account that has thousands of followers. In the case of the dog, you are in charge of expressing the dog’s attitude on the photo to its followers.

Here are five ways to make your dog famous on Instagram :

1. Image:

Five Ways To Make Your Dog Famous On Instagram

To make your dog famous on instagram don’t forget that the photo is the most important on Instagram. No matter what you want to share on Instagram, you need to have a perfect image. When it comes to the image, the light is the most important component of the perfect photo or video.

Daylight tends to show the best of your dog. If you’re indoors, try to take a picture near well-lit places with a soft lamp. Also, if your budget permits, you can buy a professional camera, i.e. DSLR, instead of relying on mobile phones.

If you are short on budget, you can try to use photo-editing applications to make your picture more attractive and eye-catching.

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2. Find a voice

Five Ways To Make Your Dog Famous On Instagram

You will write captions for your dog’s photo. So, try to find a voice for your dog. Is your pet energetic, lazy or the master of tricks? Find something unique for your dog and use this voice constantly.

Also, follow the popular culture going on social media. If it is a movie or celebrity, try to write a caption that would follow the trending topic.

3. Use Hashtags

Five Ways To Make Your Dog Famous On Instagram

Do you know that even just one hashtag in your image or video can increase the engagement by 12.6 percent? So, if you do not use the power of hashtags in your formula to gain popularity on the network, you miss many audiences, money, and also the essence of Instagram.

There are popular hashtags that you can use in your post: #weeklyfluff #delight_pets #dogsofinstagram #funpetloveclub #dogscorner #dogdailyfeaturesss #inspiredbypets #pet #petbox #dog #dogsandpals #mydogiscutest #petfancy #dogs #petstagram #instadog #petsagram #doglover #dogs_of_instagram #instagramdogs #pup #dogoftheday #dogsitting #ilovemydog #instapuppy #dogstagram #lovedogs #lovepuppies #pets #puppy #adorable #puppies #mypets #mydog

4. Be consistent

Five Ways To Make Your Dog Famous On Instagram

You need to be consistent with your content and try to post image or video daily. In the case of having popularity for your god, you can also use the power of stories.

You can share the daily activities of your dog without feeling the urge to share something on the feed. You can share updates while walking in the park or eating something.

It is important to keep your audience alive and informed about your dog. It is very easy to lose attention once you begin to ignore your community.

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5. Engagement

Five Ways To Make Your Dog Famous On Instagram

While using hashtags and sharing posts, you have to interact with your audience. Also, try to interact with current issues. If you feel sensitive on important issues, try to add your dog into the current issues and make your dog be part of this ongoing matter.

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