How can I advertise on Facebook? 2019

How can I advertise on Facebook? 2019

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Facebook advertising is a long established system and a simple but effective way of doing business. Facebook has a huge audience of users who can become your potential consumers. Advertising on Facebook is simple and accessible to any user.

how to advertise on facebook

How do I advertise on Facebook?

To advertise on Facebook, first log in to your profile. Click the down arrow icon in the upper right corner. In the menu that opens, select Create ad. You will be taken to the ads Manager, where for you will be offered to create an advertisement. Depending on what you want to achieve, Facebook will offer you several options. The first thing you need to do is choose a target.

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how to advertise on facebook

  • Recognition. Select this option if the goal of your ad is to introduce your company to as many people as possible.
  • Attract attention. If you want to increase the page rank and increase the number of interacted with it (messages, video views, likes), then select this option.
  • Conversion. Select this option if you want to encourage people to shop at your company.

Setting the target audience for advertising

how to advertise on facebook

Identifying your target audience for ads allows Facebook ads to reach your recipient faster and for you to reach your goal faster.

Location: show ads to people based on their location.

Gender: which gender group the ad belongs to. There may be ads that cover both sex groups.

Interests: depending on the ad category, users connect to areas of interest.

Language: show ads for a specific language group of users.

Communication: show your ad to people and their friends who are already connected to your company in one way or another.

Detailed targeting

Location and time of advertising

You’ll need to set the time your ad will run according to the time zone of the country you’ve chosen. Time frame for Turkey is GMT + 2 at winter, GMT + 3 at summer.

Advertising budget and prices

Depending on the Facebook ad settings you’ve entered, the pricing section should also be listed. You need to specify a daily budget (limit), which will be spent on the achievement of your specified advertising target.

The choice of visual advertising

The visual quality of the ads displayed to Facebook users will increase the number of clicks and attract more people. Therefore, you should choose good quality and good visual effect.

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Preparation of text and links for advertising

Set the parameters in which the ad text and ad links will be defined.

Payment for advertising

After setting up all the parameters of advertising, you need to pay for advertising on Facebook. But before that, check your settings. Click the View order tab. If you are satisfied with the result, click Confirm and pay for the advertising order. The process of advertising on Facebook is completed.

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