fashion brands on instagram

How Fashion Brands Utilize From Instagram

How Fashion Brands Utilize From Instagram
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Instagram has turned into a must place for brands, companies, and fashion designers because the platform facilitates a quick connection between consumers and companies. With few taps, you can see the exclusive shots of a popular brand or buy a piece of cloth without losing so much time.

Fashion Brands On Instagram

Since Instagram means beautiful shots, pictures, and videos, fashion designers start the race with an advantage. Who can beat the beauty of their latest collection? Additionally, sixty-eight percent of Instagram users are women with money to spend on clothes they like.

fashion brands on instagram

Being aware of these facts, fashion brands jumped in the wagon of Instagram to appeal to customers. Brands’ love for Instagram has not slowed down. Many brands prioritize Instagram to share the latest collection or clothes.

Californian online retailer Everlane is synonymous with timeless styles. The company has more than six hundred thousand followers on the platform. The company shows off its latest collection, clothes, jeans, and shoes.

Nike regularly shares photo and video posts. It has more than 80 million followers on Instagram. Its grid displays a motivational mix of professional athletes and regular, everyday fitness enthusiasts.

Instagram With Fashion Brands

Zara also has Instagram presence and close to 30 million followers. The company’s account looks like a fashion magazine. If you like watches, you can follow Fossil. The brand curates an impressive feed.

Asos, British online fashion and beauty retailer, keep its feed updated. There are colorful and bold product images and editorial snaps.

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fashion brands on instagram

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