How to Recover An Unforgotten Instagram Account

How to Recover An Unforgotten Instagram Account

How to Recover An Unforgotten Instagram Account
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An unforgotten Instagram account still can be saved even all of the information is lost. Even when there is no access to the email associated with that Instagram account, there are still a few ways making access to the Instagram account possible. The popular photo-sharing service provides several ways to reset and change an unforgotten Instagram password.

Instagram Account Login Information Forgotten? No Problem!

Did you forget both your Instagram Password and Email? You can still recover your unforgotten Instagram account even if you forgot your Email and Password. Although the most popular way to recover Instagram account is using Facebook to login into account, it will still work even if you don’t have Facebook connected or you just remember the User Name only.

Recover An Unforgotten Instagram Account

In cases while no access to email these are the methods Instagram provides to recover your account:

The methods for recovery involve.

1.Use Phone Number on Account for recovery (Text/SMS).

– If you only know the phone number associated with your Instagram account, tap “Send an SMS” on Android or “Phone” on iPhone. This will trigger a text message sent to your phone that you can use to reset your Instagram password.

2.Use Facebook to login Into Account.

– If you previously synced both your Facebook and Instagram accounts together, you can use your Facebook account to access your Instagram account and reset the password. You can reset your password via Facebook only when using Instagram on a mobile device. Login with Facebook will allow you to use your Facebook account which is associated with your Instagram to change the password. You will need to be logged into the Facebook app on your phone.

recover an unforgotten instagram account

3. Contacting Instagram in case you forgot your Password or Email.

– From the main screen click on Get help signing in, enter user name and click on need more help. Fill out the form and send it. Then you are expected to be contacted by Instagram soon. Again you will save your unforgotten instagram account

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