Instagram Buisness Accounts And How To Use Them

Instagram Buisness Accounts And How To Use Them

Instagram Buisness Accounts And How To Use Them
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Instagram business accounts are big deal for your business! Lets just gid right in and learn how to use them!

Instagram’s crowd has been increasing day-by-day. On a personal level, more and more users become active on the social network. As of June 2018, there are nearly 1 billion monthly active users.

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Its influence has become evident on the business side of the story. Sixty percent of Instagram users learn about new products while they are exploring on the platform. Besides, the profile of Instagram user signal that they are inclined to buy a product that they see on the platform. Researches hinted that thirty-one percent of people that make more than USD 75.000 per year are on Instagram.

So, if you want to sell something, Instagram seems like the ideal place to market your products.


Instagram Business Accounts

The question is when you can switch to a business account from your personal account when you start to sell something.

Instagram made the procedure to convert your account into a business easier.

Here are steps to convert your account:

  1. Launch Instagram.
  2. Next, go to your profile and tap on three horizontal lines on the top right.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Next, tap on Switch to Business Profile
  5. Next, follow the procedure to convert your account into business.

You can connect your business account to a Facebook page you create or created earlier. Instagram said that it is not required that you connect your business account to a Facebook page.

However, if you connect your Facebook page with your business account, you can manage promotions on both social networks without having the difficulty to manage them separately. Also, Instagram advice to connect your account since it provides this option and hides “Don’t connect Facebook” below.

However, if you want to return to a personal account, it is also easy.

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How to convert your business account into personal:

To switch back from Instagram business accounts you can simply follow previous stepps to converting it! It is easy and simple but should you convert it?

Instagram Business Accounts And Advantages

Of course, there are benefits into converting your personal account into a business. You will have many features like Instagram insights, promoted posts, and contact tools.

Instagram Insights:

On Instagram business accounts you can reach insights. The statistics you can see include Saved, Impressions, Reach, and Engagement. The engagement, for example, shows the number of unique accounts that have liked, saved, or commented on a post.


You can promote your content once you have a business Instagram account.


Users will find it easier to follow your account and to have engagement with your website since you will provide information like your website, your address, and your phone number. Such information, surely, will help you to increase the sales.

You lose privacy!

However, there is a downside of having a business account. You cannot have a private account. It means that you cannot control the exposure of your content. Anybody can see your content and leave a like or comment. If you think your image and video are personal, keep your account personal and do not switch to a business account.

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Social Media Specialist D. Batuhan Kurtçu
Social Media Specialist D. Batuhan Kurtçu

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