How To Share On Instagram

How To Share On Instagram

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Instagram is a photo sharing service and its nature make easier to sharing good moments around you. Sharing a post (or as many people prefer to call is “a photo”, “a story” or “a video) is really easy. Today we gonna see how to share on Instagram.

Sharing On Instagram 2018

Let’s start with the most common one. The mobile platform! At the end Instagram is a mobile application, to begin with. To share on Instagram mobile is easy. Just open the app and tap the little plus icon at the bottom-center of the screen. You’ll see various options. Let us explain them

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Gallery is simply your phone library.  If you’re opening this first you may ask to give permission to app for reading images on your gallery. After that, I will list your photos to share. Either you can crop them as a standard 1×1 ratio or you can put “expand button” on the bottom left of the photo to add the whole photo to your post.


As the name dictates this menu lets you capture a video. It used to be five seconds for a post but Instagram updated it to a full 60 seconds! If you capture a video with this option it will be 1×1 ratio just like the photos! You can always add videos from the gallery and use the same “expand” button to add the whole video without being cropped!


Photo section lets you take 1×1 cropped image. It is not widely used but still fun to take one. Instagram lets you upload from your gallery and many people use it like this.

To share a story you can simply go to the photos feed and tap on your profile picture. You’ll see the story menu with plenty of fun sections included.

For IGTV you need to download IGTV app from either App Store or Google Play after login you’ll be able to share IGTV streams as well!


You can edit your photos with the post-editing screen. After uploading a photo you will see a really user-friendly screen to do it. There are not too many options to make huge editings but certainly, it is a much more practical way to edit on foot or on road.

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Uploading From PC or MAC

Windows lets people share photos directly from their pc without any workaround. You need two official apps. First, one is already installed on your Windows 10 PC and called “photos and videos” the other app is Instagram itself. You can download it from the Windows App Store!

Download the Instagram app and log in.

Go to your desired photo and double-click on it. If you haven’t assigned any other application to open images it will be open on photos app. You will see a share button top left corner of the screen. Click it and on the menu, you’ll see the Instagram option. After clicking it the rest of the process is easy!

On MAC, however, the things become a bit more tricky.

Go to safari and open the developer console. Then go to the Instagram website to log in! Keep the development console just yet.

After logging in you need to change user agent from Safari to iOS11. This will immediately refresh the page and Instagram will believe it is an iPhone you are using instead of a MAC.

Rest of the process is the same as sharing from mobile. This time if you click the plus icon you’ll encounter with a drop-down menu to locate your desired photo!

It is easy to share from computers although you can’t upload a video to IGTV or your stories! There are some third party apps to do it but they are not really trusty since they ask your login information in order to do the trick!

It is really easy to share on Instagram. Many people even the corporations, celebrities, small businesses are making business on it! Enjoy with using the app and stay safe! Don’t trust the third-party apps so easily!

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