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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the purchase of Instagram followers/likes/comments secure and legal?
If I buy followers/likes/comments, may my Instagram account be suspended, removed or blocked?
Will I need to give you my password?
What information will I need to provide?
Are the Instagram followers/likes provided by your company real?
May the followers you send me unfollow me after only a few months?
What will happen if the process does not work for me? Is there a money back guarantee?
If I purchase followers, will I have to follow them back?
Is it required to allow you access to my social media account(s)?
Why is it that my account needs to be set to public?
I accidentally placed an order for Instagram followers or likes before verifying the settings on my Instagram profile and realized it was still set to private. Did I waste my money?
I accidentally set my account to private while my Instagram followers/likes order was being processed. Have I lost my money? What can I do?
What payment methods are accepted?
What are the credit/debit cards that your system takes?
Can I pay with my debit/credit card even if I do not have a PayPal account?
Is it possible to be issued a refund?
If I change my mind after I complete my order, can I cancel it and get a refund?
I am not satisfied with the Instagram followers that I ordered. Can you delete these followers from my account?
How quickly will I receive the followers/likes/comments I’ve ordered?
I placed an order for Instagram followers/likes from GlowInsta but I never received an order confirmation email.
How can I contact you?
It has been a few hours since I placed my order but I am not receiving any of the followers/likes that I ordered. What should I do?
Is it worth it to buy Instagram followers and likes?
What is GlowInsta?
Why should I choose you?
What are some of the reasons anyone would buy followers?
What are some of the reasons anyone would buy likes?
Is it possible to receive automated likes for my new uploads?
Where do you get the followers to send to Instagram users?
How does the quality of your Instagram likes compare to your competitors?
Are there any discounts or refunds offered? If so, how and when?
I have just placed an order for followers/likes/comments. What happens next?
Will I be popular on Instagram?
Will the followers like and comment my pics?
What kind of services does GlowInsta offer?
Are there any types of Instagram accounts you do not work with?
What is the minimum amount of Instagram followers or likes that can be added to an Instagram account/pics?
What is the maximum amount of Instagram followers or likes that can be added to an Instagram account/pics?
When I place an order, am I paying a one-time or a monthly fee?
What should I do after I place my order?
If any problem/issue arises, whom should we get in touch with?
Will I continue to receive excellent customer support even after I order your service, even if it’s only once?
I looked through all of the FAQs but did not find my question. Who can I contact to get my question answered?