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Instagram and Your Identity

Every Instagram user gets an identity number specified only for them when they first sign up for this social media behemoth. 

That numeric sequence is you in a way, and it will stick with you until you decide to close your account permanently. 

In that case, it's essential that you remember it through time if you wish to build an online presence or establish yourself as a social media influencer. 

Today, you're going to learn how you can find the Instagram User ID belonging to you or any other user on Instagram with our brand-new free Find Instagram User ID tool.

Find My Instagram User ID

How Can It Help

So, what can you do with your Instagram User ID? Well, you can't do too much with it, and that's completely okay. 

However, if you are taking Instagram as a serious business or side hustle, you will probably have to rely on some third-party apps to do some of the burdening chores for you. 

For instance, it's guaranteed that you will have to schedule some of your posts because you can't deal with them manually all the time. 

In that case, it's known that some of these third-party apps require you to provide your User ID. 

Sometimes your username only isn't enough to fetch and read the critical data that's needed for the app to function. 

Unfortunately, there are not too many uses for your User ID other than easing the duty of these third-party apps. 

How to get your Instagram User ID

How the Finder Works

Well, it's our easiest tool to use, so we don't think that you'll have any problems while using it. Nevertheless, we prepared the step-by-step guide below; you can always go and check it if you need any help regarding it. 

We don't need your password or email address for this service, just like our other services. All you have to provide is your username, and our system will immediately get into action and find your user ID right away. As we don't ask for your email, you can rest assured that we won't fill your mailbox with spams and promotions.

Also, you can always get in touch with our 24/7 active Customer Service if you experience any issues while using this or other services on our website. We will try to find immediate solutions.

  1. Load GlowInsta through your choice of web or mobile browser and hit the "Instagram Tools" link in the header section. From there, you should select the "Find Instagram User ID" tool for this instance to proceed.
  2. When page loads, you should enter your or any other user's username to the designated area down below. URLs don't work.
  3. When you're ready to go, you can simply hit the "Check" button to complete the process. Your User ID will be provided right after we fetch the appropriate data. The sequence should be nine digits long. 

Thanks a lot for choosing GlowInsta as your solution provider to the common issues regarding social media networks. We got your back.

Lookup Instagram User ID

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, as it is open to anyone, you can see all User IDs. But chances are there's a little use for you to get other IDs.

If you're relying on third-party apps to do the job for you on Instagram, you need your User ID. That's the only practice for this feature.

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