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In today’s world, Instagram is the most popular photos and videos sharing platform today. Instagram is so popular, 80 million photos are shared today. With the increasing use of smart phones, many applications have entered our lives and have gained popularity. Some of these applications allow only photo sharing, while others offer a platform for us to write and share. Instagram is the application that allows users to share as many photos as Instagram name is given. In addition, there is another advantages of instagram which is related to brand awareness for customers. Instagram, which was originally made for the iPhone, was later used in devices with the Android operating system. Instagram, which has a very serious user community in the world, offers the opportunity to share the beautiful moments of daily life and unforgettable moments. Just like other social networks, Instagram has those that follow and follow you system. You can see your favorite celebrities, friends or brands by following their Instagram accounts without missing them.

That is to say, Social Media Marketing is playing a huge role in our daily lives. If you have puchased instagram service, Recently, a major advertising platform for major brands and beginners, Instagram is growing by adding importance to every day. Some companies offer you an instagram follower packages. A photo sharing and editing application that allows you to apply filters and effects on Instagram photos. You can get instagram follower which includes real people, thanks to the instagram marketing agents. This application, which was made for iPhone first, can also be used on devices with Android operating system. It is possible to get professional photos with Instagram, an application that is frequently used among young people. In addition to this, instagram marketing is very important for every shopping site.

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